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Based on the acronym of You Only Live Once, YOLO responds to the change of course that is taking place in the fashion world, where targets such as the millennial zei generation say goodbye to logomania by seeking a more unique and personal style, not necessarily linked to the presence of a brand, and where the logo is seen as an element of approval rather than being considered a plus.

In fact, the idea behind YOLO actually works

in this sense. With a selection of garments from over 100 Italian and international brands, where

the labels are removed, there is ample opportunity to choose without constraints and buy the exact same garment at a much lower price which, if provided with a label, would cost much more.

The selection of YOLO items, from 9 euros, is low priced, but never cheap. With a vast choice of garments that are born as branded but are depreciated thanks to the removal of the labels, where each item comes from current collections, from previous seasons or from prototypes for the collections


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